Riku Vassinen

Head of Digital, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

Riku Vassinen (M.Sc. Economics) has over 15 years of digital marketing experience of which six years in Asia. As Head of Digital in JWT he focuses on digital transformation, utilizing big data to gain actionable insights, eCommerce and performance marketing. He leads a team of data analysts and digital transformation consultants. Before JWT, he was spearheading digital innovation in R/GA, TBWA, N2 Helsinki and as the head of MySpace Finland. During his career, he has worked with Google, Nike, Uber, Netflix, Nokia, Sony, Audi, Diesel, HSBC and Unilever among other companies. He has written two critically acclaimed books about marketing and won 2 Grand Prix Effies. He is popular keynote speaker in seminars and active blogger. His unique background on digital combined with strong point-of-view makes him one of the most provocative digital thinkers in the region.